Notes from the Blue & Gold Army, a TV Pilot called “Flux” that I wrote/directed and a film-project that ended in a lawsuit.

Post Harlem (L), Canon C300 MKI with CN-E 24mm lens used on Flux (Top-R), Notice of Orders (Bottom-R)

From filmmaking to programming to ???.

Bedroom -> Office


Geographic determinism underwrote the rise of Ancient Greece but when did borders stop holding back nations?

Amongst the jurors, I was the youngest, but during 4 days of deliberations, I became a senior voice. After we delivered our verdict, what stuck with me — is how scared I’d be to face a jury.

The case took place in Sydney District Court. This isn’t a picture from the room we were in, but it shows a similar layout.

Building Streamplate for the finish line tomorrow.

Streamplate development timeline from 2016 to 2021

Why are most smaller tech companies most likely to use better technology than far larger, more financed competitors?

R = Amount of work to replace tech stack, MAU = Monthly Active Users, n = number of employees in a firm.

After speaking at a panel, I was asked by a lecturer at USYD to share my thoughts on how computer science could be better taught at the university.

Snapshots of what my university experience has looked like.


After receiving feedback about Streamplate’s pitch, we’ve realised a change in sentence structure has unblocked a lot.

Orb presentation at Fishburners

The conscious mind adheres to a sense of understanding that’s designed by the subconscious and this has precipitated a magnetism in religions showing a universal demand for spirituality.

Christopher Anderson — Caracas. Venezuela.

The brain normalises itself over time, meaning as we age, the mind settles into a self-reinforcing cycle that can only be described as making us run in circles throughout our life.

People in the Sun — Edward Hopper
  1. Getting married,
  2. Securing a mortgage.

Bryan Jordan

Electrical engineering/Neuroscience at University of Sydney. Aspiring neuro-trauma surgeon with a few software/hardware goals.

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