Here’s a list of companies and artists I’ve taken notes from over the years.

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Apple, SpaceX, South Park Studios, Pixar, McKinsey & Company, Paul Thomas Anderson, Charlie Kaufman, Arctic Monkeys, Kanye West and Dr. Havey Cushing.

Some of these entries relate to the operation used to build amazing products, like Apple with their CEO-centric format, or the focus on in-house development like SpaceX. Others have been able to develop timeless content that is always relevant and boundless in its originality like South Park Studios and Pixar. Part of building products is attracting and developing top-tier talent which I think McKinsey & Co. does as seen in the impressive positions alumni have taken.

Next to the operational aspect of building products, is the idea of building a company that can continuously release amazing products. I think a lot of people involved with start-ups overlook this and instead only think about one product without having an idea of what their next product will be. Film writer/directors like Paul Thomas Anderson (PTA) and Charlie Kaufman have overseen a set of incredibly bold and original works. …


Bryan Jordan

Electrical engineering/Neuroscience at University of Sydney. Aspiring neuro-trauma surgeon with a few software/hardware goals.

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