Four Out Of Five: Week 4

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Streamplate’s Limited Release launches next Monday (11th March)! Much of the launch code has been completed and over the next few days I’ll be checking how it works at the Two Wolves: Community Cantina.

The strategy for the next few weeks is to check/debug any issues with the merchant systems — described further here. A primary feature of Streamplate is how easy it is to integrate with existing infrastructure eg. printers, tills etc. But to achieve this requires a fair bit of pre-installed software so the app can automatically connect to any hardware. Then allowing this connection to arise via Bluetooth without any manual interference by an operator adds another layer of complexity.

Following the release on the 11th, Streamplate will basically look to crease out any technical issues, consolidate performance, and maximise operational efficiency over the next few weeks until it launches to the public with 100+ venues on board around the USYD region by April/May 2019.

By focusing on the above goals, it reduces the amount of technical and operational debt that’ll exponentially inflate with the more merchants and users on board.

As there’s only one week till the Limited Release is available, be sure to sign up so you can jump to the front of queues for a year!

PS. Check out the app icon!

Electrical engineering/Neuroscience at University of Sydney. Aspiring neuro-trauma surgeon with a few software/hardware goals.

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