How waiters can use Streamplate

More service with less work.

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Working on the floor can quickly become disorientating with new orders being placed, customers looking for the next free waiter, and the general tempo of the kitchen only getting faster throughout the day.

This makes miscommunication easy. Mistakes can riddle a shift. Mismanagement can quickly throw staff into misdirection.

and is engineered to overcome exactly these problems — to become the eye in the sky and provide the directions you need.

With a real-time commentary system that notifies individual waiters when to check up on tables, or be put directly in contact with customers looking for a waiter, or even simply be provided the necessary logistical information at your fingertips, waiters have never been able to serve so much before.

Here’s five ways waiters can use Streamplate.

  1. Take orders. Traditional point-of-sales systems not only require custom hardware solutions but also then charge monthly operating expenses. With Streamplate use either your own iPhone or iPad and take orders on the floor or at a fixed point — the choice is your’s.
  2. Time-shifts. Quickly add your roster and be reminded of upcoming shifts in your calendar. With an integrated and multi-serving app, Streamplate becomes the single destination for both managers and employees.
  3. Staff chat. Rather than send out mass emails or individual text messages, Streamplate offers individual chat and group chats for entire teams so managers can quickly resolve issues or ensure everyone’s informed together.
  4. Clocking-in/out. With geo-fencing, Streamplate knows when you’ve arrived at work meaning you no longer need to worry about clocking-in/out. Automatic logins means you can start working seamlessly without worrying about logistics.
  5. Real-Time Commentary. As more customers arrive, it can become harder to track individual needs. Streamplate offers a real-time commentary system that not only logs events within the kitchen, but also provides recommendations as to when to check up on tables or when staff can expect an influx of customers.

Ps. It’s all free.

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Electrical engineering/Neuroscience at University of Sydney. Aspiring neuro-trauma surgeon with a few software/hardware goals.

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