True flavour doesn’t go away. But value can. You’ve felt this with your memories — some don’t impress as much anymore but you know what happened. That imprint still holds its outline.

What’s cut out in our minds isn’t always there for us. Maybe it was what we chose before, or some over-stepping type-of-fate that’s always out of sight. Damn, no one warned us how much work there was to do — for anything.

All flavours need work. Nothing tastes right unless it’s already there — that needs to be worked in. Whatever your flavour is, whatever the work, whatever mind lies behind it, someone see’s the value ahead.

Personal choices aren’t easy. They clash, hurt and swell up like a bruise in the forefront of anyone’s mind if they’re not released. Damn again, just choosing is work. Personality is work.

I’ve been working on Streamplate for the better part of 3 years. It’s grown into a reactor that’s powered so much more than what was originally envisioned. Describing Streamplate as a food-ordering app is an understatement.

There’s a clear goal in the engineering strategy and it’s the vision behind Streamplate. Serve the world their personal choices.

No matter the circumstance, Streamplate must be able to show your preferences and then let you action them. It’s one thing to be able to propose an idea, but being able to action that is where the real value lies.

Pursuing this idea leads Streamplate towards a clear mission. Replace all menus with tailored experiences.

Menus represent fixed, static and impersonal portals into what should always be chambers of style — and that style should be your own. Streamplate wants to transform cafes, restaurants and bars into screening rooms for your own projections. You choose you.

At the moment, I’m managing Streamplate individually with the engineering-goal of implementing a hyper-personalised food ordering app. Signing up for the Limited Release is available here.

The flavour of Streamplate now rests on the taste of an impressive display of real-time filtering and developing scalable systems to accomodate 36,000 users by July 2019.

However, the value of Streamplate will always be in its ability to serve the world their personal choices. An engine for choices. Your’s.

Streamplate. Your table mate.

Bryan Jordan

Electrical engineering/Neuroscience at University of Sydney. Aspiring neuro-trauma surgeon with a few software/hardware goals.

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