Streamplate’s Week 1 Report

Launching Streamplate’s landing-page and engineering goals.

After a week since making Limited Release sign-ups available, Streamplate has on-boarded 140 users, The Two Wolves Community Cantina and is in talks with a dozen clubs/societies from The University of Sydney.

Amongst a steady stream of attempted hacks behind a VPN (the hacker uses a chain of web-servers to obfuscate their location), there’s been in summary:

  1. Approximately 1300 page views,
  2. Web-sessions average 6:25 minutes. The site is quite lengthy so this suggests users are reading the content.
  3. And the overall site has a bounce rate of 64.96%. Given most of the site’s content is on the first-page, this in association with the web-session duration, seems to add to the argument that users are reading the site’s content.

In short I’m pleased with results from the first-week.

Spike on the 2nd Feb reflects launching site at approximately 11pm on 1st Feb.
Web-requests have become generally more compressed due to using service-workers (caching).
Bounce-rate vs New Users shows moderately-strong correlation which corroborates with the suggestion that users are reading the site’s content.

As a final check on user readership, you can see a generally steady rate of progress on the opening-page.

How far users’ have progressed through the site (x-axis) Vs The number of users (y-axis)

After the first few hours of releasing the site on the 2nd February, I’ve been checking on this quite steadily to look for optimisation opportunities. As it’s just myself working on Streamplate, I think it’s important to expose as much work as I can in a contained environment and then steadily further release it into an open environment. This compensates for the absence of peer-reviewed checks/general internal feedback.

I’ve implemented a series of optimisations throughout the week that appear to have worked. There’s naturally a set of users that open the site and immediately drop out. From the users that have arrived at the 15% mark (approximately 60%), by 85% there’s a drop-out rate of approximately 30% of that initial 60%. Given the last 15% of the site relates to signing-up (which is repeatedly available across the page), it’s unsurprising to see steep drop-off rates from 85% onwards.

As for the next few weeks, the primary goals are the following:

  1. Complete app and back-end debugging,
  2. Complete integration with peripheral-devices (printers in kitchens),
  3. On-board loyalty cards,
  4. Develop prospects for angel-financing

The most time-intensive task is naturally app and back-end debugging. In fact, I’ll probably reduce time spent on on-boarding cafes/restaurants to focus on programming.

The codebase is approximately 100,000 lines at the moment. In real-time it analyses a user’s social and environmental context to understand the impressions guiding their decision-making — this is because the underlying philosophy behind the app is that user’s are impressionable when it comes to making choices behind eating and drinking.

Consequently, the velocity of the real-world ensures the sheer processing power to emulate a representative model of a user’s decision-making process is startling. Current programming tasks not just relate to making the software execute faster (parallelism, multi-threading), but also maintain a high-degree of functionality (eg. accuracy, general code-logic, suitability of usage) alongside minimising costs/query. This is a software company and the primary expense is hosting-costs and reducing these costs is strongly associated to efficient code.

If you haven’t already, check out Streamplate and what it can offer you!

Let me know if you have any questions,

Bryan :)

Electrical engineering/Neuroscience at University of Sydney. Aspiring neuro-trauma surgeon with a few software/hardware goals.

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