Week 3 Report

Bills. But nearly there now

It’s easy to forget about cloud computing bills. The premise of cloud computing is that it’s supposed to be ‘forgotten’ by the developer. But there’s ways to remember it.

Website launched just before the 10th Feb and on the 16th I switched it to a different project for testing.

This isn’t too bad but it highlights an important problem for the website — releasing a non-revenue generating product. With over 1600 views there’s been plenty of requests for images which do add up:

Again, this isn’t expensive but it’s a total financial loss at this point given there’s no revenue generating products available. That’s not to say brand awareness, technical development and on-boarding users/merchants doesn’t have any monetary value but for now its more intrinsic.

I’ve been continuing with debugging and final tweaks over the past week. On Saturday I pretty much finished froze the back-end code so the last few tasks relate to the iOS app.

Over the next week I’ll continue working on iOS and finalising the merchant systems at the Two Wolves. I’ve been looking for an Operations Manager too as it’s becoming a lot to manage both software and marketing/sales and with uni returning tomorrow, it’s best to build up the company’s logistic structures as soon as possible.


Electrical engineering/Neuroscience at University of Sydney. Aspiring neuro-trauma surgeon with a few software/hardware goals. www.streamplate.com

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