Your health goals on Streamplate

More choice. Less compromise.

Streamplate offers users the ability to set dynamic nutritional caps and ingredient filters to maximise how accommodating menus are.

With dynamic nutritional caps, users can select daily caps on protein, calories, carbohydrates and protein. As users make orders throughout the day, Streamplate filters menus to show only items that are within these caps.

For example, if a user set their daily intake of calories to 2500 and they had a muffin (approximately 377 calories) and a small flat white (approximately 120 calories) for breakfast, Streamplate would only show items that are under 2003 calories for the rest of the day.

As Streamplate advances following its launch, these nutritional caps will increase in sophistication and more encompassing to support niche requirements.

In addition to general nutritional caps, Streamplate also offers users the ability to automatically replace ingredients. This is particularly important to users with allergies. Streamplate offers users the option to provide three alternatives, with each succeeding alternative being tested for compatibility with the relevant merchant. In other words, if a user’s first alternative isn’t available, then Streamplate will try the second and then third.

As another example, a user that’s allergic to shellfish can select alternatives like chicken, bacon or beef to be used instead. In some cases this may be an inappropriate switch (for instance, shellfish might be used in the sauce of a dish) and so thanks to Streamplate’s chat abilities, the chef can directly ask the user what they’d like instead.

Streamplate also offers fixed filters for general allergens. For launch these include: gluten free, dairy, lactose, shellfish, tomatoes, eggs and corn.

When a venue joins Streamplate, their menu is automatically filtered and parsed for ingredients and allergens. Ingredients that are flagged and wished to be avoided by a user won’t see these items or if they choose alternatives, will see them with the appropriate changes.

Only with Streamplate can users now have their health goals accommodated by any venue — and now without even having to notify the waiter.

Electrical engineering/Neuroscience at University of Sydney. Aspiring neuro-trauma surgeon with a few software/hardware goals.

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